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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Trends We Love!

Your Wedding Blurb may have fallen off the blog radar for a while, but it's only because we've been busy scoping out beautiful summer wedding trends.  May and June are quite the busy time for wedding planners, brides, and grooms!  So, if you have a wedding coming up this summer for which you are looking for that last finishing touch, look no further!  Here are some of our recent favorites:

Fruit as centerpiece or decor.  Using cut or whole lemons, limes, and oranges, and fresh pears in addition to  or instead of flowers really says summer.  Check it out!

On your left: lemons in the base of a centerpiece with Gerbera Daisies.  The pic is from  Gorgeous!

Or, skip the flowers all together: the pic on the right is from - they are full of crafty DIY ideas.

Long story short - fewer flowers = a FRESH look and fewer dollars!

The all white wedding party.  Of course, some of you brides-to-be may want to be the only one dressed in white on your day, and that is your right!  If not, just take a gander at some of these all white wedding party photos - so stunning!  This first one is from our friends at

Maybe you prefer this white and ivory look from  

The all-white look is crisp, and the bride could wear the only floor length dress, or carry the only white bouquet, have an accent color belt, or be the only one wearing a veil - of course!

Do-it-yourself trends are always popular, but it seems that this summer there are more and more ways to save money and personalize your wedding and reception.  One favorite that caught our eye is this funky invite from Martha Stewart Weddings.   Click here for the link to the template.

Finally, don't give up on a destination wedding if you can't afford that trip to Paris.  You've heard of the stay-cation?  Your wedding can be inspired by that theme.  In your area, there may be a winery, a museum, a local lake or beach that can feel like a destination wedding if you operate on that theme.  Many brides and grooms incorporate the tropical theme of their honeymoon into their wedding.  Paper lanterns, special menu items, music and favors all add to your summer theme. 

We like these little suitcase tins from  for your guests.  Fill them with candy, or even a mini summer survival kit!

Share your summer wedding ideas and favorites - we'd love to hear them!


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