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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Your Questions, Answered! (Bridesmaid Dresses)

This week's question was about bridesmaid trends.  For fall, one thing we're noticing is the mismatched dress trend for your bridesmaids.

Check out this example from StyleMePretty:

Do you like the different colors of green?  It wouldn't look quite coordinated enough if there were only one or two different greens.  Since each dress is a slightly different shade and the bouquets are identical, the look is tied together!

We're seeing the mismatched look from brides a lot this fall.

Here's another gorgeous example - from Australia!

Notice the similar fabrics for each dress.  These maids happen to look very similar as well, so the different dresses almost help each one stand out a little more.

One thing we liked about each bridal party were the dress lengths.  Because the first party all have similar hemlines, the dresses look uniform.

In the second photo, the hemlines were all different, but the bride is the only one wearing a floor-length dress.  Beautiful!

One simple way to do this with your bridal party is to put together a color palette for them.  Online tools or a dress store should be able to help you with this.  That way, the bridesmaid can find a dress that fits their figure and personality and fits your color scheme.  Buying mismatched dresses does ease the financial burden for your wedding party, since they can avoid the markup at bridal stores.

Thanks to those of you who sent a question!  Keep them coming!!

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