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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bridal Fair? Bridal Show? Should I go?

I assume, no matter where you read this blog, there is a bridal fair or show in or near your fair city. Am I right?

The ever-popular question is: Should you go?

Well, with some planning, you can benefit from a bridal show. First, set your budget. Before you even set foot in that convention center or ballroom, know how much you can spend. Break down your budget with priority given to the most important areas. Only you (and your fiance) know whether flowers, live music, the venue, the food, the dress are the most important. Bring a calendar with you so you can schedule appointments, and bring your credit card and/or checkbook so that if you do find someone you want to book, you can go forward!

One great secret is to bring mailing labels (or an ink-stamp, if you have one) with your name and address. Many vendors will have contests, drawings, and the like, and with a peel-and-stick, you won't have to write your name six hundred times!

If you have certain colors you have selected for your wedding, bring a sample or a fabric swatch so you can match with vendors when applicable.

Remember that the idea can be to really make decisions at this show. You can go as a browser, but you may tire of all the walking and talking - it's up to you! If there is another party making decisions (or helping), bring him or her along! Bridal shows are fun. It adds to the excitement of planning your wedding, lets you save time in travel and searching for vendors, and introduces you to some ideas you may not have considered!

A great break in the bridal show can be the fashion shows. Even if you have your dress, you can see bridesmaid fashions, accessories, and hair and make-up trends. Plus, you get a chance to sit down!

Whether or not you plan to make some decisions at your bridal show, don't feel like you owe the vendors or that you are obligated to book or buy something that isn't right. There will be another booth with different options, different costs, and different availability. Take your time, and remember, you could always find another bridal show that offers the perfect vendors for your day!

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