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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!

There are many trends popping up for wedding cakes in your 2010 wedding. The best news is that your cake can be as big or as small as you like, and you can find a cake (or dessert) to fit any budget. The first, and one of my favorites is the tall, romantic, multi-tiered cake. Take a look at this seven layer beauty. This cake mixes patterns and has flowers added at the top for decoration. While you may not have need for all those layers, if the look is what you've been going for, you can substitute fake tiers! This can be a money-saver, and it can help you get the cake you prefer.

If you want to have a cake for tradition only and you're determined to do a different type of dessert, you can follow the trend of a two tiered wedding cake! You can still get a pretty cake cutter. And have the "feeding each other cake" experience.

My favorite trend is the black and white cake. It looks classic, can be altered to go with any theme, and matches any color palette! These cake candles make great favors if your cake is a focus of your reception. (They would be great for a daytime cake and punch reception too!)

Another trend is personal size cakes. You've probably seen the cupcake tower. That continues to be a popular option, but so do other types of towers. Cinnamon rolls, individual cheesecake, pies, eclairs....any dessert you can imagine can probably fit into a custom built tower for your wedding. Again, if you are on a tight budget, you can look into creating this tower yourself with treats you (or a friend) make at home!

A candy buffet has become a popular option at weddings, but this usually becomes an additional favor instead of a dessert substitute. Here's a how to. One great variation on this theme is a cookie or sundae buffet. With the cookies, you can make the dough ahead and freeze, then follow the same ideas as you would with a candy buffet: find pretty containers and plates and make a beautiful table. With sundaes, you can make the table look pretty with old-fashioned tulip cups for the sundaes. When you buy the ingredients in bulk, you can save some money.

In 2010, the trends are varied in size, cost, and look! You can be romantic with a large cake, add a bold pop of color with flowers, have a small cake for ceremony's sake, a cake with modern design elements, or forgo the cake all together!

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